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Welcome to Shyne, Orange County’s top choice for professional mobile car detailing services. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in a variety of detailing services such as paint correction, ceramic coating, scratch removal, headlight restoration, and more. Using only the finest products and microfiber towels, we guarantee your vehicle will receive exceptional care and attention.

Our mobile detailing service is tailored for your convenience, delivering our services at your home, office, or apartment, in parking lots, driveways, curbsides, or any location you prefer. We offer a range of detailing packages to meet your specific needs, from basic washes to comprehensive top-to-bottom services. Our interior and exterior detailing packages feature interior shampooing with stain removal and thorough deodorization of your carpets and fabrics.

In addition to our detailing services, we specialize in ceramic coatings. These coatings offer an additional layer of protection for your car’s paint, extending its lifespan and maintaining a pristine appearance. Opting for ceramic coatings ensures your vehicle is shielded from environmental factors and daily usage, providing peace of mind.

Schedule your appointment with us today and treat your car to the professional detailing it deserves.

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Car Detailing Packages

Our Car Detailing Packages feature comprehensive Exterior Only and Interior Only Detailing Services.

Paint Correction Services

Paint Correction dramatically enhances the gloss and shine of your paint, effectively eliminating approximately 90%-95% of defects in your clear coat, including swirl marks, scratches, and etchings.

Ceramic Coating Services

Our customers enjoy the added benefit of a lifetime warranty on our System X MAX Ceramic Coating Package. You can rest assured that you’ll only need to pay once for your ceramic coating. We take care of the maintenance and upkeep on your coating for the lifetime of your vehicle!

Professional Car Detailing Orange County

We provide a complete array of premium car detailing services to ensure your vehicle maintains its optimal appearance. From Interior and Exterior Cleaning to Clay Bar Decontamination, Scratch Removal, Bug and Sap Removal, and Hard Water Spot Removal, our expertise and experience address all your vehicle’s needs. Additionally, we offer advanced Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating services to restore and protect your vehicle’s finish for the long term.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to understanding your vehicle’s unique needs and customizing our services accordingly. Our Mobile Technicians are highly skilled and professional, ensuring that you’ll be completely satisfied with our work. Trust the experts at Shyne Mobile Auto Detailing to give your vehicle the care it deserves. Contact us today to schedule your service and experience the difference.

Professional Paint Correction Orange County

If you want to restore the shine and luster of your vehicle’s paint, our paint correction process is the solution you’re looking for.

This multi-step process starts with a meticulous hand wash to eliminate visible dirt and grime from the surface. Following that, we use a clay bar to decontaminate the clear coat and remove embedded contaminants.

For the next step, you can choose between our 1-step or 2-step correction options. Our 1-step correction involves using a polishing pad and compound to remove the outer layer of oxidation and minor swirls. This enhances the gloss and shine of the paint while effectively eliminating surface imperfections. In most cases, opting for a 1-step correction is enough to notably enhance your vehicle’s appearance.

If your paint needs more intensive restoration, we provide a 2-step correction process. This involves using cutting compounds and pads to address significant clear coat damage such as deep scratches, chemical etchings, and heavy oxidation. Following the cutting process, we refine the clear coat to achieve a mirror-like finish using polish and a polishing pad.

Rest assured, our team of professionals is dedicated to restoring the beauty of your vehicle’s paint with our exceptional paint correction services.

Certified System X Ceramic Coating Installers

As certified installers of System X Ceramic Coatings, we offer a selection of premium ceramic coating packages designed to safeguard and enhance your vehicle’s appearance. Our team is extensively trained and certified in the precise application of these products, ensuring exceptional service and results.

Choose from three ceramic coating packages: a 2-3 year coating, a 6-year coating, and a lifetime warranty coating. These options vary in thickness, with the 2-3 year coating adding 5 microns of 9H protection, and the lifetime warranty coating offering an impressive 15-20 microns of protection.

Ceramic coating is a versatile solution that not only provides robust protection for your vehicle’s paint but also enhances its gloss and shine. The result is a finish that resembles a glass-like coating, setting your vehicle apart.

Beyond its protective and aesthetic benefits, ceramic coating simplifies maintenance. It is hydrophobic, repelling water and dirt, and preventing contaminants from adhering. This makes washing effortless and eliminates the need for waxing throughout the coating’s duration.

Trust our ceramic coatings to deliver unparalleled protection and enhancement for your vehicle.

Experience Superior Auto Detailing, Brought To Your Location

Experience streamlined car detailing with the best detailers in the OC! Our easy appointment booking and expert mobile technicians ensure convenience and efficiency. Trust us to deliver high-quality service and care, saving you time and hassle.

Qualified Technicians

Our detailing service provides you with a knowledgeable and proficient mobile technician, highly trained to meet our exacting standards.

Flexible Schedule

Schedule an appointment online or over the phone! We will do our best to accommodate your preferred date and time!

Satisfaction Garauntee

We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our detailing services. Our focus is not only on delivering top-quality work but also on providing exceptional customer service.

Affordable Detailing Services

We offer an array of detailing packages tailored for the highest quality services at very affordable prices. Give us a call to discuss your vehicle's specific needs!

Professional Mobile Car Detailing

Our professional team of detailers is vetted for experience, quality of work, communication skills, and overall reliability, ensuring you receive a seamless car detailing service!

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We are currently offering $250 OFF our MAX Ceramic Coating Package.

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