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System X Ceramic Coatings not only provide unparalleled protection for your car’s paint, but they also enhance its aesthetic. Our professional-grade ceramic coating uses proprietary technologies to bond with your paint on a molecular level, creating a barrier against the harsh elements and preserving the clear coat and paint.

Not only does our ceramic coating offer exceptional chemical and scratch resistance, but it also provides a super slick, hydrophobic surface that makes routine washes a breeze. With a glossy, showroom finish, our ceramic coatings will enhance the overall look of your vehicle. And, with protection against even the most extreme environments, you can trust that your car’s paint will stay looking its best for longer. Don’t settle for anything less – choose System X Ceramic Coatings for unparalleled protection and aesthetics for your car’s paint.

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The Ceramic Coating Process

The necessary steps before applying a Permanent Paint Coating.

Thorough HandWash

Before we apply the ceramic coating, the first step is to thoroughly wash the vehicle to remove all visible dirt. This helps to prepare the surface for the next step of the process, clay bar and decontamination, ensuring that these steps are effective and the ceramic coating adheres properly.

Decontaminate Paintwork

The second step in our ceramic coating process is to clay the vehicle to remove embedded contaminants from the clear coat, followed by the use of an Iron and Rust Remover to remove the finest particles for complete decontamination.

This prepares the surface for the third step of the process, which is paint correction.

Paint Correction

The third step in our ceramic coating process is paint correction, which involves an assessment of the imperfections in your clear coat and the use of a 1-Step or 2-Step process to address them.

Regardless of your vehicle's initial condition and finish, we are able to correct 90%-100% of visible clear coat damage.

This helps to ensure that the surface is properly prepared for the ceramic coating and allows it to adhere and provide the best possible protection for your car's paint. Contact us to learn more about our ceramic coating process and how we can help keep your car looking its best.

*Paint Correction is optional but it is highly recommended.*

Final Wipedown

Before we apply the ceramic coating, the final step is to remove any compound or polish residue from the paint.

We do this with a diluted isopropyl alcohol solution, which strips any remaining waxes, polishes, or compounds from the paintwork.

This leaves a perfected surface for the ceramic coating to properly bond to, ensuring the best possible protection for your car's paint.

Ceramic Coating Application

After all previous steps have been completed, we apply your Ceramic Coating to the properly prepared paint.

Once the Ceramic Coating has been applied, the condition of your paint will be locked in for the duration of the coating.

This is why the correct preparation is necessary before applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle! Contact us to learn more about our ceramic coating process and how we can help keep your car looking its best."

System X MAX | Ceramic Coating w/ Lifetime Warranty

System X MAX offers the thickest ceramic coating technology in the automotive industry, with just one layer adding roughly 15-20 microns of 9H paint protection. 

4x thicker than other brand name professional coatings. Backed with a lifetime warranty, your investment will be well protected! We will have this coating properly installed in 1 day.

We apply System X MAX to all exterior surfaces including your glass, rims and plastic trim. 

For the most robust protection in the industry, this is your coating!


System X Pro | 6 Year Ceramic Coating

An advanced paint protection which provides a great color enhancing effect. Leaving your vehicle looking like it has been dipped in glass for the duration of the coating.

This coating will also be applied to all exterior surfaces such as your rims and plastic trim.

This coating provides a super hard 9h ceramic barrier which will protect your clear coat from all environmental damage.

System X Crystal SS | 2-3 Year Ceramic Coating

As always with System X Coatings, Crystal SS offers industry leading levels of gloss and hydrophobicity.

Although Crystal SS only lasts 2-3 years, it gives you the superior glossy aesthetic of a high quality ceramic coating with every bit of slickness and hydrophobicity allowing for a quick and easy maintenance wash.

System X MAX Lifetime Coating
System X Pro 6 Year Coating
System X Crystal SS 2-3 Year Coating
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